Friday, 26 August 2011

Results night

Well, I did set out with the attention of being half awake in work this morning. Honest.

GCSE results yesterday! Of course, every single person aged between 16 and 24 assures you that 'GCSEs mean nothing at all' and 'an A* isn't that difficult to get you know'- but it still doesn't take away the pride, does it?
If you want to know, (and I've had countless people wanting to know), 11 A*s and an A in Spanish. Chuffed to beans! Considering I hate Spanish I'm almost happy with that A, although I was predicted higher so have inevitably failed the system in something. Whoops!
So of course the main objective of the day was to getting as steaming as possible, so a few glasses of wine, several vodka shots and a lot of WKD later I was blotto! And good fun it was too.
Various things happened throughout the night... and I'm not nearly well enough acquainted with you to tell you things of my personal nature... but it was a great time had by all! :)
Of course, work this morning had a different idea of celebrating for me. I'll let you know if I survive the evening shift.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

I didn't see you there !

A new blog, a new outlook, but very much the same old me.

I've tried countless times to stay committed to a blog but I've never managed it; needless to say I have a short attention span and an aversion to telling my feelings. Recently, however, I've been observing too many hilarious things to just keep to myself - things that I know other people notice but never comment upon. I doubt that this will be the most entertaining reading material available but I'm hoping it will provoke a sense of - This happens to you too?!